My favourite song of all time

It’s not a Beatles song. It’s not from any of the bands I was fanatical about when growing up like The Cure or Jimi Hendrix. It’s an obscure song in a language I can’t understand from Taiwan’s most well-know rock star (and band) called Wubai and China Blue.

And the song doesn’t have all the clever songwriting techniques I’ve blogged on before with nifty melodies and catchy hooks, or wizardry guitar playing and while songwriting techniques are important there is something more to music that will always be undefinable in words. Of course, in recorded music the technical aspect of recording well, mixing, effects, equalisation, dynamic compression, fixing up and mastering are all important in the process, but as they say, “it’s about the music, man”.

So what is it about Wubai’s song, which I’ve crudely transliterated as “Shao Leneh, Anah”? Well, it’s just a great bluesy, gutsy, earthy, slow rock number. It’s a song I thought boring at first listening, but which has grown on me over the years. It’s the song I put on to wind down.

I love the rawness of the singing, the feel of the guitar licks and its sound. The slow steady beat and the way the drums and bass play in sync. I love the “honesty” in the song and its own mystique. It’s my personal gem and I really don’t need to pull it apart and analyse it. I’ll just let it be.

(I found a version on Youtube but haven’t had a chance to hear it, so excuse the quality.


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