Taste in music is personal…

There are many bands and artists that I feel I should be into, who are obviously great songwriters and musicians, who have achieved great success and repect in the music industry, but for some reason didn’t click for me. And this has brought me to the realisation of just how personal our tastes in music are and that they don’t just vary from genre to genre or category to category, but between artists and bands themselves. In the 90’s I was into Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but for the life of me I couldn’t get into Stone Temple Pilots after I rushed out to buy their album because it was a “must have”. They had great songs etc…, but for some reason it just didn’t click for me.

The same happened with The Dave Matthews Band, REM, Incubus, Sarah Mclachlan and several others. I purposely bought their albums because I considered my self a “serious muso” and therefore, I must be into these bands like other “serious musos”. But alas, there was no connect made, no passion fostered, and after a few listens, they’ve stayed on my shelf collecting dust. That’s no to say things can change. I may put one of the CD’s on one day and it suddenly hits me or there’s something about it that sparks an interest -the mix, certain  melodies I previously missed, the quality of the voice, the feel of the rhythm and bass working together, who knows? Our tastes change, we evolve and mature.

Who says music appreciation even has to be bassed on a logical factor -even personality, image and attitude can either appeal or repel a potential fan. And sometimes there’s peer pressure to be “into” a band or scene because everyone else is, or you can feel like a “serious muso” like I wanted to…



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