Struggling Cartoonist

In my teenage years I had certain fixations on some comics like Garfield, Peanuts and The Far Side. And so I spent some time trying to come up with my own comic character, which was a scruffy dog who roamed the neighbourhood, only to forget about it once music got my attention.

However, doodling with cartoons came in handy when I started teaching little kids overseas -especially if their English skills are low. In my last year teaching in Korea, as well as using my quirky comic characters in lesson plans, I began to draw for fun and to take a humurous view of things I was reading about or interested in. And thus, I’ve stuck a few on my blogs. I’ve done a few taking the micky out of the music industry, not that I’ve been involved in the “industry” side of music.

I’m still facing some challenges to scan the pics smoothly in, as well as refining my skills and the materials used, but it’s great to have an avenue to stick them up on the web.


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