Who needs a hook?

Have you ever read songwriting books or articles that talk about the importance of “the hook” -you know, it has to be catchy and it’s gotta capture the listeners attention within the first 30 seconds and all that. I guess I can be a little cynical about this sometimes, but I thought I’d ask the question, “what is the hook?”, and give a few of my own ideas:

A melody that goes somewhere. (EG, Beatles ‘Yesterday’)

A guitar riff that stimulates -like with a mixture or rhythm, harmony and licks. (any ACDC tune, Enter Sandman, Black Dog)

An irritating phrase that goes round and round your head (like a catchy ad jingle or a Cyndi Lauper song)

Pop irony (you know, some witty pop lyrics from British new wave or hip-hop or something -tongue in cheek etc…)

Lyrics that tell a story (Hotel California, country music)…

A catchy disco beat…

The list can probably go on and on, as I don’t think there really are any rules. If it’s a hit, it’s a hit.


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