Hard to write a good song

Recently I went through my old ‘scrapbook’ of half written songs and ideas. Usually the way I write is, to just record whatever ideas I have while jamming and then after a couple of months I’ll play back all ideas to see what’s interesting and what’s junk.

I think it’s easy to write a song, but it’s hard to write a good song -a song which is catchy yet having depth, original yet able to relate to listeners and having some kind of inspiration. Because there are so many songs written in the world it’s very easy to write a mundane song. Songwriting in the pop/rock genre is technically not rocket science. It’s not like jazz where you need to know a matrix of scales, modes, riffs and licks. It’s not like writing a symphony with advanced note-writing abilities.

So then, millions of people are writing songs. You can just pack a bunch of guitar chords together, whack some cheesy lyrics over the time and hey presto: technically speaking you have a song. And if you listen to alternative or college radio you don’t even need to follow all the rules and pointers of songwriting guides out there saying “you need a verse, a chorus, a mid-section or middle eight…” and “you need to introduce the ‘hook’ in the first thirty seconds or the listener will get bored” and ” you need lyrics that hook someone with an emotion or something they relate to, and you need metaphors and rhyming…” blah blah blah…

But I still say, it’s hard to write a good song.


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